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Fear & Aggression

This is for dogs who growl or get defensive when they see people or other dogs, dogs who are afraid in everyday situations, or dogs who have had aggressive encounters with other beings. We will work towards helping you and your dog feel comfortable and safe in the world.

  • Fearful of other dogs or people

  • Happy at home but terrified in the world

  • Growly, protective, or defensive around other people and dogs

  • Resource guarding food, toys, spaces, or people

  • Aggression between dogs in your home

  • Bite history

  • Muzzle training


The first session is a virtual consultation that may include training exercises. The following four sessions are scheduled roughly 1 week apart. We will train your dog in your home or out in the world, depending on your goals.


$600 for an initial consultation, three 1 hour sessions and two half hour sessions. The first session for this package is always a virtual consultation.


You will see significant behavior progress after the package is completed, but complex situations may require more sessions. You can add follow-up sessions at a discounted rate of $110/hr or $60/half hr after the package is completed.

All training services include

  • An outlined summary of the strategies and skills we worked on.

  • Video footage of the skills so that you can review steps at any time (in-person sessions).

  • Ability to download a recording of our virtual consultation (virtual sessions).

  • Continued support and communication.

Click below to see how my clients' dogs are being brave, safe, and responsive in the world.

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