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Tricks & more

There is nothing your dog can't learn! Here is a sampling of things I can help you with:

  • Tricks! Any of them!

  • Beginning nosework such as alerting to an odor, finding an item, etc.

  • Toy play (disc, tug, fetch... on your terms)

  • Retrieving objects

  • Posing for photos


Shoot me a message with your goals and we can discuss a package!


My typical rate is $120/hr for an in-person session but a package deal comes with a discount.

All training services include

  • An outlined summary of the strategies and skills we worked on.

  • Video footage of the skills so that you can review steps at any time (in-person sessions).

  • Ability to download a recording of our virtual consultation (virtual sessions).

  • Continued support and communication.

Click below to see my dogs practicing various tricks and skills!

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