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Megh & Jammer

"I am always blown away by Tiff's compassion and ability to lay out a doable training solution for every concern I've had with my dogs, including my Aussie's general anxiety. Having extensive experience with dogs, I always think I've run out of ideas, but Tiff somehow has the uncanny ability to know exactly what to try...  and it works. She has vast technical knowledge but knows how to make the training easy to follow and totally achievable."


Leila, Cathy & Timber

"We hired Tiff to decrease Timber’s reactivity to other dogs. Tiff provided multiple strategies that not only improved her reactivity but her recall from 40 to 90 %! 

Tiff has exceptional communication skills along with ability to provide positive feedback skills for you and your dogs.

We would highly recommend Tiff. Her knowledge and experience can assist any dog."


Connie & Bisu

"My 1 year old American Eskimo (Bisu) is wary of strangers and, living in New York City, there are a lot of strangers. I reached out to Tiff for a behavioral consultation on how to help Bisu with his reactivity and could not have left feeling more empowered. Tiff asked a lot of questions to understand our specific situation and provided customized perspective on the behavior I was seeing. Very thankful to have found a trainer who takes the time to get know us. Excited to have come away with a few, actionable exercises tailored to our goals to help Bisu get more comfortable with his surroundings. Thanks Tiff!"


Liz & Ben

"Tiff helped me with her behavior knowledge for shelter pets, and she also helped me with my personal dog who struggles with both leash reactivity and separation anxiety. Tiff's approach is great because she is so brilliant when it comes to thinking of how the dog perceives our world, but also can help connect the dots to the owner, and is great with helping people understand their pet's needs.


I am constantly recommending Tiff's behavior services. She is smart, professional, creative and has so much experience with all types of dogs with different backgrounds!"


Zack & Tracker

"I worked with Tiff several times when I was having problems with my belgian malinois puppy. She gave me positive strategies for dealing with the issues I was having. I highly recommend her as a professional dog trainer."


Jane & Harvey

"Tiff is pragmatic and patient, clearly understands dog behavior and helped us understand it too. Tiff worked with us and an adult dog and a puppy both in group settings and one-on-one. Her approach is very responsive to the specific situation and goals. Training with Tiff is high energy, focused and she supplements the sessions with notes and videos for use outside of “class”.

Working with Tiff is like having a how-to book customized specifically for you and your dog.


Helping our puppy Harvey learn new skills and tricks, through leveraging concepts like “targeting” just makes the whole experience more fun. Teaching him helpful household chores like picking up toys and putting laundry in the basket is a bonus. Tiff helped us turn our dogs into the best dogs we’ve ever had. We understand our dogs so much better, and just being with them is a joy."


Meredith & Minnow

"Tiff did such a great job breaking down recall and impulse control into digestible, actionable steps. It turned our journey to off leash hiking from being an intimidating and insurmountable feeling task into a game.

She was calm, compassionate, and encouraging with our nervous rescue dog while still teaching us to use a clear cut, science based approach with mounds of evidence, background, and context whenever we needed it."


John, Mary & Moosette

"Moosie was a challenging dog from the very first day we adopted her. She had the usual "bad" behaviors: chasing deer and coyotes, fighting with dogs, pulling hard on leash. She was already 3, was chained up on a ranch most of her life, and had a really strong drive for these behaviors. I figured she was too feral to be trained. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong!

After consistently training Moosie, she was a very different dog. These days I can have her off leash and not chase deer or coyotes. I can call her back when she's in mid-stride chasing a squirrel. Amazing! I skijor with her yet can walk her on leash without her pulling. We are currently working with Tiff on more advanced techniques to manage dog interactions with positive outcomes. Working with Tiff has given me the confidence and tools to take Moosie out in areas with other dogs and areas with deer. We are on the road to victory!

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